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5 squares is a leading diet food delivery service. Imagine never having to cook again! Grilled filet mignon with new potatoes and flame-grilled vegetables, horseradish-crusted tilapia with fingerling potatoes & fennel salad; the freshest of ingredients without an ounce of guilt. Imagine reaching your goals – without having to think…plan…count. With 5 squares™…all you have to do is eat!

We provide freshly prepared, customized healthful meals delivered right to your home. For gourmet meal delivery in New York or Connecticut turn to 5 squares. Whether you are looking for a gluten-free menu, a low-carb meal plan, or a paleo diet-friendly plan, let us take all of the work out of eating right.

5 squares provides nutritionally sound and delicious tasting foods to satisfy and help you lose the desired weight. 5 squares healthy eating plan consists of freshly prepared meals that are never frozen, free of artificial preservatives, additives, wheat, dairy, and refined sugar – all conveniently delivered right to your door. Learn more about us or better yet sign up online for a subscription or a one-week trial plan.