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Tomatoes and Herbs

how we work

all you have to do is eat!®

Eat more, eat clean!  Our philosophy – by eating 5 meals a day you not only reduce food cravings, control blood sugar and insulin production; it actually can speed up weight loss, reduce body fat storage and increase lean muscle mass.


The foods we prepare are fresh and additive free – our signature plan is free of wheat, refined sugar and dairy. With the 5 Squares program, you can effortlessly change your weight, your body image and your life!

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Our gourmet food is prepared by our team of chefs daily,

based off of your meal selections from a 28-day rotation of delicious offerings. With a subscription to our program, pay as little as $49.40 a day for 5 meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner and 2 snacks.

Your customized meals are cooked, cooled, and then packed in temperature-controlled coolers each evening,

keeping your yummy meals fresh from our door to yours. Each evening you are expecting a delivery, we simply swap out your empty bag & ice-packs for your next daily drop.

We deliver every night, Sunday through Thursday,

for the next day of meals: This way, your food is as fresh as can be. We deliver to Westchester, parts of Rockland County, Bronx, Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Fairfield County, CT, and part of Long Island.

The food arrives at your door late the evening, guaranteed by 6 a.m.

Not awake? No problem. Just provide us with a secure area to drop off the food, then collect it in the morning when you start your day.  No doorman? We have you covered – simply supply us with a key to the front of your building and we’ll take it from there!

Follow these steps to order today





Sign up by clicking on the “start order” button or call our toll free number—




Decide how many days a week you'd like to sign up for. The minimum we require is 3 days, but you can add up to 7.



Tell us your likes and dislikes so we can customize the plan to your tastes, or pick your own set of meals.


As long as one person in your household is on the plan, why cook for everyone else?

Monica Lynn,  Founder & CEO

Monica Lynn, Founder of 5 Squares
5 Square Low-Carb Meals: The 20-Day Makeover Plan with Delicious Recipes for Fast, Healthy Weight Loss and High Energy by Monica Lynn

Monica Lynn, Founder & CEO, is a Nutritional Consultant and the author of 5 Square Low-Carb Meals: The 20-Day Makeover Plan with Delicious Recipes for Fast, Healthy Weight Loss and High Energy. Lynn has helped thousands of individuals lose weight and stay healthy. Recognized by mass media as “The Diet Guru,” Lynn has appeared in nationally acclaimed publications, such as The New York Times, Glamour, Vogue, and Marie Claire.

In her book, 5 Square Meals, Lynn shares six weeks' worth of meals and snacks, lays out the principles of healthy eating on the plan, and helps readers make the switch to a feel–good lifestyle with such tools as shopping lists and food and exercise journal pages.
Buy it online today!

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