5 squares™ healthy eating plan is a weight management program designed to help you manage your eating habits and achieve personal weight and health goals. We take all the guesswork out of eating properly by eliminating the opportunity to make the wrong choices.

Our expert chefs prepare guilt-free, delicious food, which is delivered right to your door before 6 a.m. Because you have your five meals for the day (3 meals plus 2 snacks), you have the power to eat the right foods, the right amount, and the best nutritional calories that will keep you on your path to meeting your weight and nutrition-related goals.

  • Endorsed by leading nutritionists and dietitians, the plan’s psychological advantage is that you never have to think about preparing foods or counting calories.

  • The 5-meal advantage is that by consuming smaller amounts of food five times daily, your blood sugar stays steady and you don’t have a chance to get hungry or experience the cravings that take us off our diets. (Digestion is the number two calorie burner next to working out.)

  • The support advantage is that you receive the personal attention and motivation needed to guide you through each week. If you don’t like a particular food (or 10) you’ll never have to eat it!

Our personalized, no-nonsense approach is what sets us apart from the rest. You are what you eat, so enjoy 5 squares™ healthy eating plan, and take all the hassle out of eating right!

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