Whether you’re looking to lose weight, feel great, or simply don’t have time to cook or shop for food, 5 squares is your answer. It’s like having your own private chef!
To join today, simply follow these easy steps:

1. Make the commitment. Throughout this program you will eat 5 meals a day. The foods we prepare are all additive free and our Signature Plan is free of dairy, wheat, and refined sugar—completely clean! In order for this diet to be the most effective, you should eat all of your meals for the day, aiming to space them roughly three hours apart.

2. Call our toll free number—1.866.5.WE COOK—or sign up online by clicking on the “join now” button.

3. Select your plan. 5 Squares will prepare and deliver gourmet cuisine right to your door by 6 a.m. five evenings each week, for three to seven days of meals.

4. Personalize the plan. Tell us your likes and dislikes and we can customize the plan to your tastes and health requirements or pick your own set of meals.

5. Add extra meals for your family. As long as one person in your household is on the plan, why cook for everyone else? 

Call our toll free number—1.866.5.WE COOK


 At 5 Squares, our customers are part of our growing family. As long as you’re happy and satisfied, so are we. Read on to find out how our plan has changed lives!

“Everything has been great—the food and variety, as well as the personal service.”

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the wonderful service and even better results I have experienced in the last six weeks while on your program. Not only have I lost 23 pounds in six weeks, but I have become motivated to begin an exercise regime for the first time in my life. Everything has been great—the food and variety, as well as the personal service, not to mention the attention to detail. The convenience, along with everything else I've mentioned, has made losing weight so simple. I owe a big thank you to 5 squares. I so appreciate everything you do to accommodate me, especially with my numerous eating restrictions. Your creativity seems boundless, and I look forward to all the creative and new things you are going to make in the future. It is obvious that one of your primary goals is to satisfy the taste buds all the while helping your clients lose weight. This diet has been an amazing godsend. Thank you.

— Dana Singer

Monica, the founder, even called me to see how the trial was going and took the time to answer my questions.

— Julie J.

“My friends and family could not believe that I was eating so healthy and actually enjoying it.”

Monica Lynn and her 5 squares team know everything about nutrition and exercise. Monica has also been a great listener and motivator. When I first started the program, she said, “You can do this and I am going to help you!” I’m not sure why I believed her—maybe it’s because she is so gorgeous and living proof of what her philosophy can do. The food is so delicious and abundant. I especially loved the oatmeal-crusted pork (what can I say, I’m part German!). Another favorite of mine was the fish. I had never really been a big fish eater but trying out new ways of enjoying it, actually made me look forward to eating.

My friends and family could not believe that I was eating so healthy and actually enjoying it. They had seen me on countless diets over the years and I must admit, I wasn’t the most cheerful. I explained to them that this was not a diet but a lifestyle change. I was doing something positive instead of beating my body into submission.

As happy as I was with the weight loss, I was pleased that I was finally on my way to a healthy new life and a new way of eating.

In six and a half months, I lost the 60 pounds that had once been a barrier between me and the world. I revamped my wardrobe, met a guy, and found a new mindset. I am now the proud new owner of a great body, and an even greater attitude.

— Lynn Mitchell

5 Squares changed my life..”

My name is Stacey Lei Krauss. I am a fitness educator in New York City and have been training people to live active lifestyles for over 15 years. I have never claimed to be a nutritionist, and have outsourced dietary professionals for my clients when necessary.
As a result of this intense lifestyle, I have been struggling with my weight for almost 10 years, but not in the traditional sense.  I struggle to keep weight on.  Of course, the average person will have an issue with my true confession; however, the reality is…a weight problem is a weight problem.
When I spoke with Monica Lynn about my concerns, she had me do exactly what I’ve asked of my clients; journal my food intake for 7 days. I was amazed at what I found. Although I was eating tremendous amounts of food, I was always filling up with carbohydrates. I felt justified eating what I craved; since I worked so hard, I deserved to eat my comfort foods. The food was not sustaining me. I was constantly tired, and never able to gain the weight that I needed to stay strong and energized through my workouts.
I started on 5 Squares soon after Monica told me about her program.  It is sound, and safe, and I love the thought of never having to cook!! The food is amazing.  Over three weeks, I gained 5 pounds (the most in years) and I had an abundance of energy. I was fully functional and active on only 6 hours of sleep per night. I no longer needed afternoon naps or caffeine to get me though my toughest workouts. I was stronger than ever. My clients all noticed my increased energy, and they began the program…to help them lose weight. Everyone that stuck with the program was successful.
5 Squares changed my life. Although my entire philosophy to fitness and wellness is balance, I recognize that 5 squares helped me to truly understand and apply a balanced, healthy eating routine to my own life.

— Stacey Lei Krauss

I am glad and shocked to be able to say that I lost 22 pounds in four months on 5 squares.

Each time I quit smoking I got heavier. I quit three times before I finally made it stick about ten years ago. Over the last ten years, I’d try dieting a few times a year but never lost more than five or ten pounds, which I’d quickly gain back.
So I am glad and shocked to be able to say that I lost 22 pounds in four months on 5 squares. The weight came off in chunks. I didn't quit drinking--I have wine on the weekends—and periodically I need a dessert or a nibble of something I'm cooking or something off someone else's plate.  But the weight comes off anyway.

Amazingly, most days I feel incredibly calm about food. It’s a whole new feeling for me not to be desperately hungry or worried about being hungry. I have control over the choices I make and my health.
— Elyse Hilton

I lost 100 pounds!!!  I am in control of my health and my life.

I have had a weight problem my entire life. I was a chubby kid and an overweight teen. By the time I was 25, I was morbidly obese. 
Finally, I met a girl who told me she used to be 75 pounds heavier and had lost the weight through a program called 5 squares. She said the food was really good and it was easy to stick to the program. She said Monica was very warm and inspirational, and would help me every step of the way.
When I first joined the plan, I was a bit nervous; there was a lot a food and I wanted to make sure I was doing the right thing.  It never seemed like I was on a diet; Monica actually encouraged me to eat. She explained that it wasn’t the amount I was eating but the choices I was making. She showed me how to eat smaller meals throughout the day to keep my hunger down and my energy up. I felt better almost immediately.
I lost 100 pounds!!! I am in control of my health and my life.  It may sound funny because I am a guy, but I really like to shop for clothes now. It is great to look in the mirror and be proud of what I see. I don’t mind the women checking me out either.
I recommend 5 squares to anyone who is looking to change their life.
— Seth William

Thank you!!! I feel great and look better now than before I had my son!!!

I just wanted to reiterate how helpful 5 squares has been. I have lost ALL my pregnancy weight and then some. My pre-pregnancy weight was 133 and I ended up at 145. After delivery, I couldn't exercise and still had an appetite. With 5 squares, I was able to continue eating, but do so in a controlled manner. Now, four months later, I am at 125 pounds and all my pre-pregnancy jeans are TOO BIG!!
5 squares is a healthy way to lose weight. Thank you!!! I feel great and look better now than before I had my son!!!
— Cheryl Hughes