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  Issue # 42

October, 2012



We are excited to begin a new journey here at 5 squares. In addition to keeping our commitment to providing the most delicious, prepared healthful meals with the freshest of ingredients, we have designed a 3-day juice-cleanse that can, and will change your mind and body, as well as jump-start your healthful eating program.


A daily set of 5 freshly pressed and blended bottles of juice, as well as 2 freshly prepared hearty vegetable soups, all promoting internal body cleansing; delivered to your door in a stay-fresh, iced-cooler.


Each numbered capsule contains fresh-pressed juice made from organic, whole fruits and vegetables, without any supplements. The 3-day cleanse is simple and empowering.


Because of the nature of the cleanse, at this time it is only available on a first come-first serve basis. For this soft launch, we have 20 slots open for October 22nd, and 20 slots for October 24th.


The cost for the 3-day organic juice cleanse is $210 and includes all of your juices, fresh hearty soups, and daily delivery to your front door. Don't forget to scroll down below and see an amazing special we have that combines a 3-day cleanse as well as fresh home food delivery.


Please call to reserve your spot: 914-235-5565 or email me with any questions.


Happy Juicing!

Monica Lynn
Nutritional expert and Founder of 5 Squares


To Juice or Not to Juice


Jun 14, 2011
Published on
By: Kay Uzoma


Laying off fattening foods and being active for at least 30 minutes most days of the week are the two key ways to lose weight. But when those extra pounds prove more stubborn, tweaking your diet and lifestyle can strengthen your weight loss efforts. Juice fasting to lose weight, for instance, is one method. While it can be one of your slimming solutions, it can pose a few risks.


A fast is an effective way to lose excess weight and get rid of body toxins, according to Cherie Calbom, a clinical nutritionist and co-author of "Juicing, Fasting and Detoxing for Life." The practice of juice fasting is to enhance your body's ability to detoxify itself. A fast refers to abstaining from food. It can be a total fast --- where you don't consume any food or fluid; or a water or juice fast for a few days. Fasting has been practiced for centuries. However, if you're not used to fasting, a juice fast is preferable over a total or water fast.


Connection to Weight Loss Advocates of juice fasting indicate that toxin accumulation in the body inhibits weight loss. Toxins damage cells and make processes linked to weight regulation, such as metabolism, less efficient. Antioxidants in juices, such as selenium and vitamins C and E, bind to toxins and speed up their elimination from the body, notes Calbom. Also, during a juice fast you eliminate higher-calorie foods such as meat, dairy and refined carbohydrates, thereby reducing your calorie intake. Also, without solid foods for energy, your body turns to glycogen as well as stored fats.
Cinnamon, Apple & Butternut Squash Juice


5 Squares™ healthy eating plan is a weight management program designed to help you manage your eating habits and achieve personal weight and health goals. We take all of the guesswork out of eating properly by eliminating the opportunity to make wrong choices.

Our expert chefs prepare guilt-free, delicious food, which is delivered right to your door before 6 a.m. Because you have your five meals for the day (3 meals plus 2 snacks), you have the power to eat the right foods, the right amount, and the best nutritional calories.
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