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  Issue # 37

August, 2011



What do you crave?  I personally have my moments, although I am not sure that sharing them with you would be productive.  It isn't that I'm ashamed that I love chocolate, or my "must have" is salted peanuts at night with a glass of red wine: I just think some things may be better off left unsaid.


What are some of the things you crave? What if it were possible to retrain your brain to crave healthful things like fish or green vegetables?  It may be possible - read on and feel free to let me know you thoughts!


On a "lighter" note... this summer is coming to an end far too quickly. Now that travel and summer bar-b-que's are on their way out, it's time to really focus on getting our mind and our bodies into shape.  I personally think the Fall is the best time to make the lifestyle changes that will insure you a fantastic year ahead. 



Happy Eating!

Monica Lynn
Nutritional expert and Founder of 5 Squares


Train your brain to crave healthy foods

Chocolate muffin

By Elizabeth Cohen, Senior Medical Correspondent
August 5, 2011 9:36 a.m. EDT 



(CNN) -- Looking back on it, Wendy Fox thinks it was the M&M's that did her in.

They sat in a glass bowl on her living room table, taunting her every time she walked by, seemingly calling out for her to scoop up a few and eat them. Eat them she did, as well as anything else chocolaty that crossed her path, such as a brownie at her favorite restaurant or a mocha drink at Starbucks.


Fox's chocolate cravings (and three pregnancies) helped her gain 40 pounds in her 30s. "It wasn't pretty," says Fox, 41, a real estate agent in Weston, Massachusetts.

Unhappy with her growing figure -- she'd gone from a size 4 to a size 10 -- Fox watched as her mother lost 30 pounds. Her mother, who also craves sweets, had attended a program with nutritionist Susan Roberts at Tufts University to curb cravings and suggested Fox do the same.


"At my first meeting with Sue, I told her, 'You've met your challenge,' " Fox remembers with a laugh.


Roberts, author of "The Instinct Diet," explained to Fox that there's a biological reason most of us crave ice cream and not broccoli, but we can unlearn our instincts. It worked. After 14 months, Fox now craves salads instead of M&M's, has lost 36 pounds and is back down to a size 4.


The caveman's instinct

"For most of human history, people didn't have enough to eat, so fat was something you really needed to seek out," says Marcia Pelchat, a food psychologist at the Monell Chemical Senses Center in Philadelphia. To avoid dying in a famine, the brain is wired to pick up on signs that calorie-rich foods are nearby, which helps explain why that piece of cake on the plate in front of you is so irresistible, or why seeing a sign for a doughnut shop draws you in even when you know you need to watch your diet.


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Turkey-Lentil Chili


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