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The Bright & The Beautiful


They’re all accomplished. They’re all beautiful. These Hollywood celebrities, political movers and shakers, journalists, business owners, and soldiers in the war to save the environment truly exemplify the look and the talent in the county. They’ve shared with us their passions and thoughts on what makes a person beautiful—and in turn. we’re sharing what they had to say with you. Not surprisingly, the consensus is that beauty is not just skin deep... easy to say when you look as good as they do!

Monica Lynn, CEO and founder of 5 squares Inc.
Monica Lynn is the CEO and founder of 5 squares Inc.—a full-spectrum food service for dieters—she's 32, single, a resident of West Harrison and, of course, Beautiful. Coining from a family plagued by obesity, Monica was determined not to follow suit. “1 tried every diet program you can think of from Slim Fast to starvation and nothing worked" she recalls. “I Would lose a few pounds, and then put them right back on..”

Then Monica decided to help others facing the same seesaw battle with their weight. “Not only does my company prepare and deliver fresh food, but I monitor my clients and give them the emotional support that they need”, she says of the personalized service that 5 squares delivers. “Some want weekly weigh-ins; others just a phone call, and a shoulder to lean on.”

Clients often ask Monica if she follows her own 5 squares weight management program. The answer is an enthusiastic “Yes!”

"1 haven't been to the grocery store in six months! Why would I, I have delicious, nutritious food available to me all the time."

When this entrepreneur isn’t busy with her weight management company, you can find her at the gym, skiing, or riding her six-year old thoroughbred, Joxer.

"I'm so busy with my company, I need to take a step back sometimes for a little 'me' time," she says. "Going to the gym helps relieve my stress, and riding allows me to get back in touch with nature. When I am out on a ride, my mind is free and clear."

And so are her glowing good looks!






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