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June 2002
Making Lemonade from Lemons


Tall, lanky Monica Lynn looks like the picture of glamour and confidence. There are pictures of her on her horse “Joxer,” or smiling from the pages of magazines. But the West Harrison resident grew up in a “morbidly obese” family and knows both the heartache and potential risks of being dramatically overweight. I tried every diet program you can think of from Slim Fast to starvation and nothing worked. I would lose a few pounds, and then put them right back on,” she says. Living among noshers in a family-owned deli business, it was hard to think in terms of saving her own figure and health, let alone helping anyone else.
Yet, while Lynn, then a successful manicurist and entrepreneur, was visiting a friend in the Zone Diet, the idea for “5 squares, Inc.,” her weight management company was born. Lynn was not impressed with either the composition or
quality of the food she saw her friend eating and thought she could better. Doing her homework and studying every program she could examine, Lynn parlayed her own experiences and business sense into a sensible weight loss program that it designed to take the guess work out of losing weight.
If you eat “5 squares” — five well-planned, additive-free, unprocessed meals and snacks — Monica Lynn reasoned clients would lose weight. The psychological advantage was that dieters did not have to become involved with preparing the food or counting calories. She hired a trained chef, a cardiologist and a nutritionist, as well as eight full-time employees and set up shop in a commercial kitchen in White Plains.
Monica Lynn, CEO and founder of 5 squares Inc.The idea immediately found its niche. Instead of chemicals and artificial foods, Monica’s “5 squares,” delivers five low-fat, healthful meals, including dressings and other “safe” condiments each day for six weeks. Each is precooked ready for the microwave oven. The program costs $1200 or $200/week. Meals arrive on customer’s doorstep early in the morning, five days a week. On weekends, dieters are on their own, but have suggestions and support from the program.
Does Lynn follow her own program? She laughs and says she has not been to the grocery store in six months. Why would I? I have delicious, nutritious food available to me all the time. Meanwhile, Monica remains a one-woman cheering squad for clients. She monitors their progress and gives them the emotional support they need at 914.421.1378 or toll-free at 1.866.wecook5.





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