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When West Harrison resident Monica Lynn was visiting a Friend on The Zone Diet, she got to thinking. “I saw what she was eating and wasn’t impressed,” says the 32-year-old. “I thought I could do it better.”
She thinks she has, thanks to her recently launched weight management company—5 squares. How does it work? For six weeks, 5 squares delivers five healthy, low cal, pre-cooked meals to customers’ doorsteps once a day (Monday-Friday)——at $40 a day. “I lost 13 pounds on the plan,” Lynn says. “I went from a size 10 to a 6.”
The company’s meals are preservative-, additive-, wheat-, dairy- and sugar-free.
On staff are two health consultants—Monica Lynn, CEO and founder of 5 squares Inc.pulmonary cardiologist Dr. Juan Espindola and nutritionist Mindy Weil—plus eight
Grilled London broil with new potatoes and flame-grilled vegetablesfull-time employees, including Mario Bladimirsquy, who serves as chef (the meals are cooked in a commercial kitchen space in White Plains).
So what do you get for $40 a day (for non-math majors, that adds up to $1,200 for six weeks)? Each day, you receive a delivery of five microwavable containers containing a variety of pre-cooked meals. Among them: mushroom omelet and cinnamon zested oatmeal; shrimp cocktail over mixed salad greens; turkey burger with grilled onions, sweet potato wedges and string beans; chicken breast with eggplant caponata; and baked salmon with Swiss chard, mushrooms and tomatoes served with cracked pepper roasted potatoes.
On weekends, you’re on your own. “You can have your favorite foods then, just in moderation,” Lynn says.
5 squares delivers in Westchester and Connecticut: (914) 421-1378 or toll-free (866) 593-2665.





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