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Weight Watcher Guru Discovered by Darien Dieters

Westchester businesswoman Monica Lynn has recently expanded her gourmet meal delivery business from the wealthy neighborhoods of Harrison to the doors of Darienís elite Body tuning clients, and apparently, her diet business is booming.

In operation now for just over one year, her startup company, 5 Squares,. now services over 90 clients, the majority of whom are male. Also feeding several women and children, Ms. Lynnís delivery range spans throughout Westchester and lower Fairfield County, as far north as Westport.

One obvious testimony to the quality of her product and service, one client, who lives north of New Haven, clearly out of Ms. Lynnís delivery range, is so intent on using 5 Squares that she has hired Connecticut Limo to do door-to-door deliveries for her every morning.

Appropriately named, 5 Squares offers five meals a day, all of which are made

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fresh daily and hand-delivered at 6 a.m. in an insulated cooler. Prepared by her two executive chefs and staff of six cooks, the meals are additive, dairy and wheat-free, and do not contain refined sugar of any kind.

Ms. Lynnís six week diet schedule does not have one overlapping recipe, nor does it deprive dieters of sarisfying flavors. Her daily menu offers healthy selections such as a delicate egg white omelet with peppers and onions, a mid-day turkey burger with Portobello mushrooms, grilled eggplant and shoestring fries, and a dinner of Chilean sea bass seasoned with fresh mint and lemon zest served with zucchini, shallots and asparagus spears. In case there is any confusion. Ms. Lynn numbers the five meals in order of when they should be eaten throughout the day.

The 5 squares plan is designed as a weight management program that Ms. Lynn does not refer to as a diet, but rather, as lifestyle change. Ben Prentis, owner of Bodytuning in Darien,  supports the plan for that exact reason.

"I started recommending 5 Squares to my clients because everybody that uses it ends up losing weight,Ē said Mr. Prentis, who offers nutritional consultation with his personal training

sessions. He believes that everyone should be eating sugar free, all of the time, and so affiliated Ms. Lynnís service with his high-end specialty gym.

"Bodytuning is at the pinnacle of what personal training is, which in part is to recommend that clients eat well as well as work out," Mr. Prentis continued. "It's especially great for people that don't want to, or don't have time to cook. It takes the guesswork out of eat- ing well. It's not revolutionary, it just works."

At any given time, Mr. Prentis has five to 10 clients on the meal plan. Sandy Duffy, a Darien resident and member of Bodytuning gym, has just completed the six week eating cycle. And, except for the fact that there is no cheese in the diet which she says is her weakness, she claims to be satisfied with the food, the results,. and most of all, with Ms. Lynnís dedication to customer service.

"I have to be her worst customer because I am so picky." said Ms. Duffy "But Monica couldn't be more accommodating."

Ms. Duffy, who said she would definitely  recommend the plan to anyone who is interested, admits that, to her, the best part of the diet was learning how to feed herself properly. She said that the plan taught her portion

Monica Lynn, CEO and founder of 5 squares Inc.
5 Squares CEO and Founder, Monica Lynn, provides clients with five healthful meals per day. 
control above all, and now she orders an appetizer and a salad instead of a big meal when she goes out to eat.

"I love the fact that I don't feel like I have to eat everything on my plate." said Ms. Duffy. "Six weeks on any diet is not going to  be a cure-all, but my weight has definitely gone down. Every meal she gives you is healthy; there are no tricks involved."

Ms. Duffy, like Ms. Lynn, does not advise on a diet, but instead recommends trying 5 Squares ďto learn a patient way to eat for the rest of your life.Ē

Ms. Lynn, who takes all of the 5 Squares service requests directly, includes recipes with her meals to encourage clients to prepare healthy meals on their own. The program costs $40 per day and is sold in six-week packages. For information, call Ms. Lynn at (914) 421-1378.









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