Whether you’re looking to lose weight, feel great, or simply don’t have time to cook or shop for food, 5 squares is your answer. It’s like having your own private chef!

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Make the commitment. Throughout this program you will eat 5 meals a day. The foods we prepare are all additive free, free of dairy, wheat, and refined sugar—completely clean! In order for this diet to be the most effective, you should eat all of your meals for the day, aiming to space them roughly three hours apart.






Call our toll free number—1.866.5.WE COOK—or sign up online by clicking on the “join now” button.






Select your plan. 5 squares will prepare and deliver gourmet cuisine right to your door by 6 a.m. three to seven days a week.






Personalize the plan. Tell us your likes and dislikes. We’ll customize the plan to your tastes and health requirements.






Add extra dinners for your family. As long as one person in your household is on the plan, why cook for everyone else? Order fresh and delicious extra dinners for your significant other and/or children. Portion sizes can be customized to the individual(s).


Call our toll free number—1.866.5.WE COOK—to find out about our Kosher-Style and Organic plans.

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